The Residences at Kenilworth Park Mural

Mural by: Arismendi Professional Services LLC
Mural Date: December 2023
For: The Residences at Kenilworth Park (

For this mural project artist and founder Leonina Arismendi drew inspiration from the nearby Aquatic Gardens and their lily pads after spending considerable time with Defensores de la Cuenca Clase Beta tagging mussels to be released into the Anacostia for pollution clean up. Considering the client's aesthetic request and mood boards, APS looked to a simple design concept using colors from the property and surrounding greenery. The results are a stunning nearly 2000 square feet mural work that inspires staff and residents daily.

Timeline: October to December 2023

Artists on this Project:
Leonina Arismendi (DC)
Lydia Embrey (DC)
Lalo A. Arismendi (DC)
Justin Young (DC)

Arismendi Professional Services LLC proud to be the first place winner of the DC DSLBD We Aspire to Entrepreneurship Program cohort of 2023!

Thank you!

Arismendi Professional Services LLC is a member of the Washington Area Lawyers For The Arts.


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