Upper Georgia Ave Traffic Control Box Art Project

Project Date: May-August 2023
For: Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street (

In 2023 we launched a pilot project to decorate four traffic control boxes at the northern end of Georgia Avenue NW with artwork by local artists. We surveyed the community and asked them to help us pick a theme for the project. The winning themes were “Nature and the Environment”, “DC Proud”, and “Community”. All three of these themes were presented to artists in a contest format, and we received 32 amazing submissions. The community then voted on the top submissions and narrowed down our top four choices.

We assisted in curating one of the boxes by partnering with San Miguel School art teacher Diana Aguilar and her class. We provided our client with assistance in developing the graphics to be printer ready, and then assisted in putting together an end of the summer block party to launch the project.

This project was by Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street.

Special thanks to Jessica Mailander!

Arismendi Professional Services LLC proud to be the first place winner of the DC DSLBD We Aspire to Entrepreneurship Program cohort of 2023!

Thank you!

Arismendi Professional Services LLC is a member of the Washington Area Lawyers For The Arts.


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